Earlier this month, Hyundai launched their third-generation Sante Fe that now comes in two sizes: the basic five-seater SUV size and the extended seven-seater SUV size.  Each of the sizes has their own engine choices to go with it; the five-passenger Sante Fe will have the choice of two 4-cylinder engines, one providing 190 horsepower and the other a turbocharged providing 264 horsepower, and the seven-passenger will be powered by a 3.3 liter V6 which provides 290 horsepower and 252 lb ft of torque.

As far the exterior styling updates look, Hyundai did an excellent job making the vehicle look like it’s constantly in motion – or at least wants to be.  The new Sante Fe has more curves, edges and angles, making it look like the fun and sporty SUV it is.  The rear of the vehicles has motion lines that swoop over the taillights and a roof spoiler gives it a bit more flair.

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23 Aug 2012

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