The 2013 Hyundai Sante Fe was named one of the top ten vehicles for the new model year by Total Car Score. Total Car Score is a website dedicated to all things automotive, including researching and reviewing every type of vehicle. Their editor-in-chief, Karl Brauer, encourages people to give the Hyundai Sante Fe a look.

He also states, “A huge slice of the public has held off on replacing their vehicles because of economic uncertainty. That means an unprecedented level of pent-up demand. This will eventually lead to a flurry of sales as consumers replace their worn-out cars with new ones.” Meaning, you may want to buy your 2013 Sante sooner rather than later.

The Sante Fe has two body styles: a five-passenger and a seven-passenger. The 2013 model has shed some weight and is powered by improved engines, giving it higher performance and fuel economy ratings – 26 MPG on the highway.

For more information about the Sante Fe, or to take a look at any Hyundai vehicle, contact Larson Hyundai.

31 Aug 2012

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