As technology becomes more advanced each year, Hyundai is taking advantage of what photo manipulation can do and has created a virtual configuration tool for the 2013 Elantra.  The virtual tool is called the “Driveway Decision Maker” and allows users to choose an Elantra model and color and virtually place it in their driveway.  This way, potential buyers can see what the car looks like in their driveway and as a part of their life.

Using internet mapping, the Street View setting shows your house and driveway and places the Elantra vehicle either in front of your house or in your driveway.  You can choose from the new sporty coupe, the roomy and stylish sedan or the hip and fuel-efficient Elantra GT hatchback.

The Elantra was named Car of the Year for its 2012 model, and the 2013s have been enhanced with better and more sophisticated features at an excellent price.

For more information about the Elantra, or to take a look at any Hyundai vehicle, contact Larson Hyundai.

21 Sep 2012

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