Ever since its debut in 2009, the Hyundai Genesis has helped Hyundai set a high benchmark for premium luxury sedans in America. The 2015 Genesis coming soon to Tacoma, WA is the best Genesis yet, and promises to surpass all expectations in all aspects.
2015 Genesis Coming Soon to Tacoma, WA
The 2015 Genesis coming soon to Tacoma, WA is powered by a choice of two engines: one is a direct injection 3.8-liter LAMBDA GDI V6 engine that can deliver 311 horsepower, and the other is a more powerful 5.0-liter TAU® GDI V8 engine that cranks out an impressive 420 horsepower. Both of these engines work through an 8-Speed Shiftronic® Transmission with paddle shifters that seamlessly help the engine to deliver power to the road, resulting in smoother, more refined acceleration. The 3.8-liter models also get Hyundai’s HTRAC All Wheel Drive system; this system offers the all-weather abilities that come with a traditional AWD system, as well as the fun-to-drive character that you would get from a performance-oriented AWD system.

Convenience and technological features is an area in which the 2015 Genesis coming soon to Tacoma, WA excels. Ever heard of a smart trunk that automatically opens when you stand with the key for more than three seconds within 3 feet behind the vehicle? That is what the 2015 Genesis’s trunk can do. The 2015 Genesis also boasts the world’s first CO2 sensor to be installed in a luxury sedan. The Genesis’s CO2 Sensor automatically senses carbon dioxide levels in the cabin and activates the ventilation system to allow fresh air to come into the cabin. This assures you of an incomparably refreshing ride in the 2015 Genesis every time. This vehicle also comes with an awe-inspiring 9.2-inch High Definition touchscreen that comes with a premium navigation system, a Driver Information System, Bluetooth® streaming audio and many other unique applications. The 2015 Genesis also features a unique Tire Pressure Monitoring system, which unlike most others, has individual tire pressure indicators for every wheel so that you will know the exact tire that requires additional pressure.

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7 Mar 2014

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