mechanicHyundai Mileage Maintenance Service in Tacoma is important to find if you want to keep your car in the best running condition for a long time. Major mileage maintenance services are usually every 30,000 miles, with minor services in between. Keeping on top of these and making sure to replace components when needed is the best way to ensure that you’ll have your Hyundai for a long time.

Larson Hyundai is the absolute best place to get Hyundai Mileage Maintenance Service in Tacoma. Not only do we have factory-trained technicians who are experts in the field, but we’ll get you the best prices on your maintenance service. You won’t have to worry about scheduling, times, or anything else because we make it easy to set up your maintenance with just a phone call or a visit to our website.

Minor maintenance is an intermediate service that include changing the oil and air filter, as well as rotating the tires and checking the brake and cooling systems. You’ll also get your car checked over to make sure everything is working correctly, though the major maintenance is much more detailed.

Major maintenance can be a little costlier than minor maintenance, since they encompass more and may include replacement of larger parts. However, these are some of the most important ones, and skipping them would have dire consequences later on. At 30,000 miles, you’ll want to get new transmission fluid, a new fuel filter, and possibly new spark plugs, depending on your car. At 60,000 miles, belts, valves, and hoses may be replaced. Timing belt replacements tend to be common during these times. At 100,000 miles, you would get repairs on items such as orange coolant and long-life spark plugs. A major maintenance always involves a thorough check of your car to make sure that everything’s running properly.

Larson Hyundai is an ideal choice for your Hyundai Mileage Maintenance Service in Tacoma, and making an appointment with us is easy. Just call us at 888-805-9160 to get in touch with our service department. Once you let us know your availability, we’ll be able to schedule your appointment with ease. We work quickly to get your car back in your hands and on the road, better than before.

26 Dec 2014

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